Planning the women’s conference

After the training session in Kara in February, I visited my friend Ryan in Sokode. The moto ride to Sokode was very pretty, it felt very African—with open prairie, tiny villages, bumpy but not horrible roads, and part of it was through a national park. It used to be stocked with wild animals like elephants, but no longer. I kept my eyes peeled during the two-hour ride, just in case.

Sokode is a very nice regional capital (unlike Atakpame, my region’s capital, which has awful roads, little good food, and no Valentine’s Day celebration). The Sokode market has two full levels of goods; bins of flour, sugar, rice, beans, and also fresh vegetables and fruit available every day of the week. For the Valentine’s Day party, Ryan and I made brownies and sugar cookies in his real oven.

 Good news, my proposal for a latrines project was accepted! Now we have a ton of work to do in picking the families to receive latrines, notifying the community of the project, starting the construction (once the money arrives at the bank) and completing it all before rainy season. I’ll also be helping with sessions at the Plateaux/Maritime Woman’s Conference and with a local conference on gender equity. It should be a busy month!

Planning the women's conference

Ever since my gas tank ran out, which I use for my stove top, my host family has been cooking lunch and dinner for me. It’s going great, I’m getting so much yummy food like fufu, pate, colico, and rice. But it does remind me of being back in stage, when I got in “trouble” for not eating enough food to satisfy my host mom.

Otherwise, things in village are quiet. A mini rainy season has begun, with a couple of hours of rain every few days. It is a nice change from the hot, dry weather we’ve been having. And rain means that people in village can worry less about finding water to use!

3 thoughts on “Planning the women’s conference

  1. Good to hear from you Kate. Kelly leaves for Amsterdam tomorrow. I am still hoping that she will start a blog so we can follow her adventures. Good luck with your latrines!

  2. Sounds like you are busy contributing to the lives of those you are living with. I talked to your mom yesterday, she said you had been sick. But she said the antibiotic you got seemed to do the trick. Hope you are all better now. Take care of yourself. Love, Grandma

  3. I did write a post from my phone yesterday but it must not have worked. ): Good job in getting the latrines, I shudder to think what they use without them. Great pictures, you are looking well, I did not know you were sick so I hope you are better. Love hearing from you and will try to call this week. Love you Katie.

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